Abrands A/S

Common bottom line is our goal

A Brands' visions are about growth: Growth for the company and the company's partners. We aim to create a common bottom line for our partners with a fundamental approach that is open to new thoughts, ideas and goals for retail outlets and ourselves. Our philosophy is: if you are successful, so are we.  

Retail Facility House is our guiding principle

The strategy of A Brands' Retail Facility House is to guarantee brands an optimal and financially beneficial path through the entire value chain. We cultivate and develop the Retail Facility House concept with a "cradle to grave" process that is applied to all of our activities on all levels. This is evident in our strong focus on sales and internal procedures.   

Brands must tell a story

The retail sector is a market in a constant state of change. Danish consumers have more money than ever and have become more discerning and focused on well-being with greater luxury, aesthetics, individual expression and experiences. In this regard, A Brands can assist retailers with a variety of premium brands that tell consumers a good story. 

Partners of the future

A Brands will continue to focus on partners with interesting brands that meet discerning consumers' demands for products that deliver experiences. The purchasing power is there. The products are there. And we will do our part to ensure that these things come together to produce profits on the bottom line for all parties. Profitable, two-way business acumen is a cornerstone of our work at A Brands.  

Achieve success in consumers’ shopping trolleys

Would you like to know more about how A Brands paves the way to consumers' shopping baskets? If so, please contact Business Manager Thomas Schou via e-mail at ts@abrands.dk