Abrands A/S

We are an international company with partners around the world. We deal with brands like they were our own - with care and responsibility and with consumers' shopping trolleys as a common target.   


Blue Keld is a soft drink from England. The product is flavoured with natural fruit extracts and contains no sugar.  



Powerade is an isotonic sports drink, which is designed to be in balance with your body's fluids to give you fast hydration and energy when you need it most. For those who train hard and push their body to the limits, sports drinks can be a key component to maintaining performance.
In Denmark you can find Powerade Mountain Blast, which can be easily recognised by its characteristic blue color and the refreshing tropical fruit taste. 




Bonduelle is the leading brand worldwide when it comes to processed vegetables. The quality of the products is the most important thing in order to maintain excellent taste and nutritional value. 


With Zelected Foods' wonderful products, we have chosen to add spice to our lives. With a wide selection of spices, it is easy to explore sought out tastes and help everyday ingredients become delicious without any flavour enhancers or artificial ingredients.  





For 35 years Danerolles have created the best crossaints made out of the best ingredients. The crossaints are easy to make and you have a little taste of heaven in no time.