Abrands A/S

Nature of barbecuing is designed to make outdoor life and kettle grill barbecuing easy, safe and efficient. From lighting, through cooking and on to cleaning.

Nature briquettes provide a good quality and green alternative. Nature briquettes are produced from coconut shells left over after coconut processing - so no trees are cut down to produce Nature briquettes. They are easy to light and have a high, stable burning temperature of up to 4 hours at over 180 degrees. On top of that, they are also CO2 neutral.  


Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes is Australia's no. 1 barbecue fuel. The name is synonymous with "best in test", not just in Australia, but in many European countries too. Heat Beads give a safe and long burn, providing high cooking temperatures to guarantee that your food is thoroughly and evenly cooked - always.



Zapp is quality lighters designed in Denmark and characterized by hot trendy colors and contemporary Scandinavian design. 


Elite models offers a full range of trendy and quality manicure & make up accessories, premium hair accessories, complete nail art solutions, professional styling waxes and natural spa products ideal for well-being, beauty and slimness.   


The Franck Provost range is made-out of "best sellers" with innovating and smart products at attractive prices. It includes a trendy range of brushes in various colors, a large range of professional and ultra-resistant combs, quality accessories and trendy ornaments renewed every season for an up-to-date range. 


Remington is the first Fashion & Beauty brand in personal electric devices. Remington has a constant focus on trends and consumer needs. Remington's innovation is inspired by the latest trends in fashion and beauty, and they are experts in hair care, shaving and grooming. Remington is a part of Spectrum Brands.


Sangenic is the world leader in diaper bins, with over 5 million units sold since the system was invented 20 years ago. Sangenic diaper bins deliver exceptional hygiene and protection against unpleasant odours and are a practical and indispensable part of every diaper change. 


The BarrelQ is an oil barrel converted into a barbecue. Besides a tough BBQ it serves as a fire pit, designer furniture, outdoor kitchen and as the perfect side table. It is particularly convenient to use. In short: the BarrelQ is a griller and a chiller. 


No compromises. Only the best. In every detail.

Rösle offers a full range of premium-quality and innovative barbecues and barbecue accessories developed for easy, fun and convenient barbecuing.

Rösle is characterized by functional details, solid German quality and elegant design.  


Regardless of whether you have a digital camera, MP3 player or Game Boy, VARTA delivers the right power for any need. VARTA Consumer Batteries work constantly with new, dynamic and innovative product development in the field of transportable energy. VARTA is a part of Spectrum Brands.