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The final important metres to the shopping trolley

Every member of Field Force at A Brands knows the way to the shopping trolley and knows where the battle is fought in stores. The fight for consumer favour constantly requires new weapons and methods. In the Danish retail sector battlefield, discerning consumers have the power. Field Force knows this. 

Equilibrists and experts in human behaviour

In a changing world like the retail sector, it is not enough to be in control of an individual store's identity, profile, customer base and inventory adaptation. Product exposure and displays are no longer about what "we usually do". Consumers are disloyal and demand new experiences every day. Everyone at A Brands Field Force knows consumers like they know their own mothers and are able to deftly navigate on all store shelves.  

Versatility, talent and good spirits

Field Force at A Brands is a division with a high level of change readiness that works everyday to maintain its well-deserved name and reputation. Field Force is known for its versatility and talent for tackling many products and categories in a single sales visit. This division handles critical and high pressure situations with the industry's best attitude, a clear winner-mentality and an unwavering belief in the future.   

Integrated cooperation and selective measures

Our good relations with retail chains and specialty stores are built-up and maintained through frequent visits. To secure the large display areas, we create exciting, selective initiatives via combination displays, gimmicks and other ways of delivering service to stores and experiences to consumers.   

Field Force

The mission of Field Force at A Brands is to secure value for partners and stores in all of their visits. Field Force goes the extra mile, demonstrates ownership and helps products all the way out of stores. This can be seen on everyone's bottom line.

Contact Business Manager Thomas Schou on telephone +45 29 61 61 84 or via e-mail at ts@abrands.dk to hear what he can do for your bottom line. 

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