Abrands A/S

Familiar with Denmark's merchants

A Brands are familiar with all of Denmark's merchants. Many years of work spent on building relationships bears fruit every day as consumers fill their shopping trolleys with our partners' brands. The chains and specialty stores around the country that we service know us for delivering the goods and going the extra mile.  

Always on our toes for you

Every day of the year, consumers reach out for brands where a A Brands has been involved. The vast majority of these brands meet our aim of leading in their category, whereas the rest are close behind. The utmost goal of A Brands is to continue this development and remain on its toes for your product every day.  

Unsurpassed category knowledge

Category development in stores is about familiarity and knowledge sharing. We develop the category in cooperation with the stores. We explore in depth and examine how each category is performing in the individual stores. Through knowledge sharing, we are able to develop the entire category in cooperation with individual stores and steer sales and earnings in the right direction for everything from medicines to food & beverage and non-food.  

Personal commitment secures shelf metres

Expertise and insight in dealing with Danish merchants is a natural requirement for exercising our two-way business acumen. But the thing that truly sets us apart is our personal commitment and close, long-standing relationship with our customers - and, of course, our knowledge of our partners' brands and market.  

Focus on sales!

At A Brands, you will experience a dedicated corps colleagues who have played shopkeeper games as children and sleep with a calculator under their pillow. Like the Japanese, our people do not know how to say "no". In other words, nothing is impossible.