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The focal point of our two-way business acumen

A Brands gives brands an important helping hand on their way to shopping trolleys. Marketing plans are developed in cooperation with our partners. Your knowledge of the brand and our knowledge of the market ensure that the product reaches the right place in consumers' minds - and shopping trolleys!  

The all-important midfield

Marketing at A Brands is the strong foundation for selling your brand. Ideas are collected, organised and sent in the right direction, equipping Key Account Managers and Sales Managers for the battle for the best positions and most desirable placement on the market. This is achieved through a channel-specific and segment-specific approach. 

We put all of our talents to use

The core of our marketing services is that you get precisely what you need, from shelf signs to chrome-plated advertising campaigns. We have a competent network and close ad-hoc cooperation with freelance journalists, copywriters, graphic artists and a full-service advertising agency when needed. This cooperation is designed to ensure that we can act quickly in accordance with the market situation and current deadlines.  

... and we secure accurate documentation

Our cooperation agreement with ACNielsen ensures that we have a more thorough overview of your market and a better understanding of your consumers. We can also draw on analyses by Stockmann-Gruppen, which is the leading knowledge supplier in the Danish retail sector and possesses significant industry knowledge when it comes to specialty retailing. Therefore, A Brands' marketing division can always equip you with valid and current data and documentation.

Two-way business acumen

When it comes to marketing, we employ our two-way business acumen. This means that we conduct a dialogue on both sides of the cash register. For you as a partner, this means that your brand is ensured attention from the initial sales phase to the shopping trolley.  Gain attention from the very beginning: contact Marketing  Manager Henriette Weinreich on telephone +45 3396 0031 or via e-mail at: hw@abrands.dk