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The path to shopping trolleys starts here

Your partnership with us will typically start together with our Business Manager in A Brands, where you will start the initial discussions about your needs and identify, how A Brands can help creating impact and value for you and your brands.

We are well aware that a thorough preliminary work – Business Case Evaluation - must be made – with identification of needs, evaluation of potential, targets and market analysis. Here we establish a solid foundation for your brand's future path through the value chain and a good business throughout the journey to consumers' shopping trolleys. 

On the right shelf

We are specialists in Market Entry.Timing is often vital to success on store shelves. When dealing with us, you will always be presented with solutions to ensure you meet your market and target groups at the right time and place. This is carried out in practice through competent consultancy from our staff.  

The bar must be set high

The aim of A Brands is being the leader in the introduction, positioning and development of exciting brands and new trends. We aim for a cooperation that makes you a leading player on the market through innovation and new approaches to doing business. Innovation is something that surprises!  

The New Bizz Model

We provide category impact and channel power for our partners and their brands by exact identify, how A Brands can help optimize and create a solid business for all partners.
From the initial identification of your needs, a team is gathered to cover all relevant functions (Key Account Management, Marketing, SCM/sales back office and salesforce) core services, competences and services in relation to your needs, targets and criteria for success.
New Bizz in A brands is based on knowledge sharing internally and with your company, as well as a structured market analysis approach to marketing.  

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Start your success here

Retail Facility House ensures a successful approach to your market that is based on your business and designed to produce earnings from product manufacturer to the shopping trolley.

Contact Business Manager Thomas Schou +45 33960032 or via e-mail at ts@abrands.dk  to hear how you can get started.