Abrands A/S

Heart of the business in the right place

Communication with our partners and the buyers of their products is central in this division. When we say "the customer at the heart of things", we mean it literally. The role of Supply Chain Management at A Brands is to know the exact needs on both sides of the retail value chain - preferably before they arise. It is a 100% service-driven function that works to ensure good business in all links of the value chain.  

Proximity and overview provide security

Service is also about proximity and overview. Our physical presence ensures that we are available when you need us. We are close to your market and can act quickly and flexibly. In addition, we possess the overview needed to assess each situation independently and act according to its specific needs. At the Supply Chain Management division, we know your products and, just as importantly, we know when your customers will buy them.  

Keeping up to date with the future

A close cooperation between Supply Chain Management and the other divisions at A Brands ensures an authentic picture of the market and the correct sales environment. Our most important task is to create the most optimal competition situation for your product by acting in a pragmatic and flexible manner. It may be true that it is hard to predict the future. However, we manage to do so successfully every day, ensuring that no customer trip to the store is in vain.   

Approved for everything

When it is beneficial, we also aim to be at the forefront of technological developments. This means that everything we do is registered and data managed. We use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and work with ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) in everything we do. We have the necessary permits, such as GS1-128-EAN 128, which means that we can deal with food & beverage, hazardous goods, pallet goods and warehouse goods.   

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is the heart of A Brands. Here the process of unifying supply and demand is achieved. This takes both talent and experience: the talent of two-way business acumen that ensures profits on all sides and the experience in a retail sector in a state of constant change. In short, the heart of our business is in the right place. Contact Supply Chain Director Mette Marsengo on telephone +45 3396 0066 or via e-mail at mm@abrands.dk to get your brands on the right shelves.